It’s such a wonderful time for vacations, outdoor parties, bar-b-ques and just enjoying our outdoor living rooms!  How we Calgarians love to enjoy our yards, patios and gardens with pots filled with glorious bursts of colourful flowers and dressing up our patios and decks with furniture, area carpets, canopy shelters with chandeliers and even torches to light the night (and keep away the mosquitoes). These are the dreams of summertime which, unfortunately, passes all too quickly!!

This lands us smack in the middle of autumn and hopefully a lovely Indian summer when all of a sudden we are once again inside our homes preparing for Thanksgiving,  Christmas and inside décor projects!christmas thru the house vignette

If you want to have your window or furniture décor items in place for Christmas, now is the time to contact a specialist. Specialty workrooms gear up in the fall and the cutoff for Christmas installations is the end of September…

Drapery and window coverings are, of course, the “piece de resistance” of any room and the finishing touch; like the jewelry for the dress. They can make or break any room! It is best to make your upholstery decisions made first and then style and other fabrics can be decided upon to complete the look.  With all the fabulous selection of fabrics and hardware available, you can achieve any look from uber casual to ultra formal.

After 30 years in the design industry I  have seen many trends come and go but good underlying design can last for decades. I can help you make design choices that you and your family will enjoy for many years!!!

Georgia Martin D.I.D, CDG


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