Simple holiday decor ideas:

Candles, Candles and More Candles! Not only do heaps of candles look impressive but they cast that lovely warm glow over a room

christmas thru the house vignette

You can never have enough glitter and glitz! Baubles on tabletops, sparkly garlands on a mantle, tinsel on the tree, all that glitters is fanciful during the holidays

Sparkly mantle
Sparkly garland with silver candlesticks and jingle bells adds sparkle to a mantle
Christmas baubles
Crystal, silver tray, baubles and golden grapes add sparkle to a dining table

Use nature’s bounty inside & out; sprigs of evergreen, long graceful twigs, holly leaves and berries, faux birds, real feathers, and beautiful leaves can be used for a wonderful natural display. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, spray paint them white, silver or gold for maximum impact!

Natural and Whimsical decor
Cedar and fir boughs mixed with berries, glittery ribbon and a whimsical Santa are a cheery addition to a front entrance.
Birds and wreaths
This wee red bird adds more nature and whimsy to holiday decor

Remember, at Christmas you can do all those things you would never be able to get away with at any other time of the year. Go all out!


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